Fix the broken plates

Alphabet Game: Fix the Broken Plates

The alphabet is an important milestone in a child’s learning development. It’s the basis for reading words, and later making sentences. It can catapult them towards another level of communication. They evolve from talking, to writing on the paper. It probably feels somewhat like cracking the code for them as they try to decode the […]

Water Gun Painting with Tapes

Water Gun Painting: Modern Art Project

I don’t like the thought of kids playing with guns. But water guns are fun and harmless. While your kids spray the water, they can act like little Poseidons, controlling the waves and the seas. Water guns are one of the indispensable appurtenances of a sunny day spent poolside. However, with or without water guns, […]

Bread Art

How to Make Bread Art

When we think of decorating foods, we usually think of sweets. Pastries or cakes with ornate decorations are more the norm than bread. When we think about bread, we don’t generally think about turning into an artistic expression. In stores, shelves are full of different types of bread. They offer a low-cost, time-saving way of […]

Fun Food Art

Fun Edible Food Crafts for Kids

I always wondered how we’re “coded” when it comes to food? How is it that someone becomes a “coffee lover” or a “tea person”? How is it that one person hates chocolate, while others can’t stand eating spicy dishes? Just as adults, every child is different. Some will eat almost anything while others cannot stand […]

Flower Suncatcher

Suncatcher Craft Decorated with Beautiful Flowers

Everyone who has kids know that going for a walk with a child is never just an ordinary excursion. For children, it’s a whole new world, teeming with endless opportunities for exploration. It’s like walking into a foreign country’s supermarket. Everything feels new and different. Fresh and unfamiliar. Even after many visits, after you get […]

Laser Maze

Outdoor Laser Maze

When you were a child, everything felt different. Everything felt bigger. You lived in your own fantasy land. Since I have kids, I’m wondering, how things feel for them now, compared to how it was when I was a child. I’m not in that world anymore. But sometimes I wish I could be in that […]

Rainbow Craft for Kids

How to Make a Rainbow Craft

You can only see a rainbow if the sun is behind you and the rain is in front. But you don’t have to wait for this rare phenomenon to experience the beauty of rainbows. If your child adores rainbows, make this easy and colorful rainbow craft in a few simple steps. All you need are […]

Stone matching game

Stone Outlining Game

This simple idea is perfect for kids. All you need to do are find some stones with interesting shapes in your garden or near your home. Collect the stones and clean them off. Then, take a large sheet of paper and outline the stones. Next, have the children attempt to match up the stones to […]

Drawing shadows

Shadow Drawing

Where there are shadows, there is light. Shadows are illusory and suspect. Children are often afraid of them. But you can also use shadows in a powerful way to teach and educate your children about different perspectives. In this outdoor crafting idea, kids get to play with shadows, to trace them on sunny days on […]

Chalk Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course with Chalk

On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than to be outside for children. Nature has enormous benefits for all humans, but especially for children. There are so many colors, textures and interesting things that a kid can touch and explore. So it’s understandable, if the boring-grey concrete doesn’t look so alluring. However, this boring-grey concrete […]


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