Hot Air Balloon Paper Craft Wall Art

Colors make everything interesting, fun and happy. Without them the kid’s and even our lives would be boring. With this DIY hot air balloon project you can bring a little cheerfulness into your child’s room. It’s so easy, and you most likely won’t need to go to the crafting store for the materials. On the contrary, the materials come to your house. When I get a delivery, I like to save the packaging, I have a whole shelf filled with those “it will be good for something” later material. So for this project some cardboard and white packaging material came in handy.

What you will need:

  • colorful paper
  • string
  • cardboard
  • for the white clouds: look around your household, cotton balls or rounds could be a good choice too.
  • glue and glue gun
  • scissors

Step by step:

  1. From paper, cut out a circle with the help of a cup or a bowl depending on how big you want the size of the balloon to be.
  2. Make colorful stripes. I folded the paper in half, so you can make this part a little faster. Fold both of the ends before you cut it, so that you can glue it easily, and it’ll make a nice, even, rounded balloon shape.
  3. Start to glue the ends as the pictured.
  4. Cut 4 pieces of string and the bucket part from the cardboard. If you don’t have, you can use just paper also.
  5. Glue the ends of the strings. I drew the contour of the balloon on the paper, so I could see where to glue the ropes on the top. On the bucket, 2 in the back, 2 in the front, and I added a little extra cardboard for a better 3D effect. Also it will fix the ropes better.
  6. To glue the balloon I used glue stick and glue gun also. Don’t glue the bucket part, you won’t need to. It will be just hanging around, and your kid can play around with it by moving the picture.
  7. If you want a better wall picture effect, glue the whole paper to a slightly narrower cardboard, and glue the paper to it on the sides. (It’s easier, if you do this part before you attach the hot air balloon.)
  8. Decorate your sky with clouds and also the bucket. You can personalize it how you want. I had these drawing of my kids from before, and I “sealed” it with glue gun, so it makes a nice sticker effect.

And voila! Your unique, personalized, DIY wall art is ready! Now it’s time to find the perfect spot.

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