Tulips Painting Project with Paper Roll Stamps

Now that it’s April, we can finally say goodbye to the cold grey days, and admire the awakening nature’s beautiful colors. It’s time to smuggle some colors into your home too with this easy and fast spring flower decoration idea. You don’t need anything else just paints and a paper roll. I’m always saving a few, because it can come in handy when it’s crafting time.

Step by step:

  1. First thing’s first cut the paper roll, you can make 4-5 pieces easily from one roll.
  2. Shape it a little, so on the bottom it’s nice and round, and on the top it’s sharp.
  3. Spread the paints out. It’s important, because you want the paint everywhere on your paper roll stamps.
  4. Start stamping it on your paper 3 times, if you want your tulip to be fully open, or 2 times for a closed one. Arrange them nicely, just like in a tulip field.
  5. Wait for the paint to dry a little, then with a clear wet brush blur the paint a little.
  6. Ether with a green marker or paint, draw the stems of the tulips.

This DIY spring decor idea is perfect to make with kids. Beautiful is the only way it can come out. It’s a good way to teach them, how with one pattern you can make a complex form so easy, and learn about symmetry. Make them pick their favorite colors, and just start creating this easy stamping project.

Also it’s a great idea for Mother’s Day! So keep it in your mind, if you need a last minute gift idea for the moms or grandmothers.

You can play around with the stamps, and create different kinds of flowers also.

Save those paper rolls and recycle!

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