DIY Christmas Ornaments Made Using Pompoms

If you’re looking for unique, individual and handmade ornament for your Christmas tree, or you just want to surprise your loved ones, then look no further. You’re in the right place.

It”s not just easy, but also fun to make these DIY Christmas ornaments. The only thing you’ll need are a lot of pompoms, because you won’t just stop at one Christmas ornament. It’s so addicting that you’ll surely want to make more than one.

You will need:

  • tons of pompoms
  • glue gun
  • paper, scissor
  • pipe cleaner, google eyes (optional)

Step by step:

  • Draw and cut out the form that you desire from a thinner piece of cardboard. If the shape is symmetric, just fold the paper in half and draw half of the shape, then cut it out (like a circle, a heart, or a pine tree…).
  • Prepare the colors of pompoms that you wish, so the glueing part will go faster. Keep some extra glue sticks close by so you don’t have to go looking for it in the middle of the crafting.
  • After you cut out the base, then comes the best part—start gluing “pom to pom”, or if you want to speed it up, then do longer glue lines and put on more pompoms at once.
  • When you’ve finished your circle, you can use pipe cleaners to make it more decorative. If you shape it into a bow, for example, you can add it onto the ornament to make it look more festive.
  • In my opinion, you wont need string to hang these from the Christmas tree. You can just place them onto the pine branches. But, if you want, you can also glue on small strings that you can use as hangers, or even grab some ornament hooks and use those.

Heart, circle, and oval shapes

This DIY Christmas ornament is one of the easiest idea, and also, you can involve your little ones, if they’re big enough to use a glue gun. It’s a nice, relaxing activity that feels just like a game. Make it personalized with pipe cleaners. The result will be so cute and soft, that the kids will want it to keep the ornaments for themselves.

Santa Claus

Let’s cheer up your Christmas tree with a few Santas. It’s that the kind of ornament that attracts the eyes first. These ornament take a little longer to make, but it’s well worth the time spent. It’s also fun to create something just from pompoms. For the 3D effect layer, glue the puffy dots onto each other. Watch my video below for further instructions.

Christmas Wreath

There is something about dots that is so mesmerizing. If you pick the colors right, your eyes will have color therapy. For this, use a thicker cardboard and make your circle a little wider (like 2-3 pompoms in width). If you want to make your job easier, then use bigger pompoms for this Christmas wreath ornament.


We can’t forget about Rudolph! If you want to do some advanced pompom crafting, good old Rudolph will be a nice little challenge. Your kids will really appreciate it. For the base, I used egg cartons and glued two together. But before you glue anything, use a pipe cleaner first. This way, you won’t need glue for the antlers. I covered only the front side with pompoms, because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough of it. The first layer should be fully brown, except for the eyes. When you have the base, start to add more to the nose, and start to do a smiling mouth. Don’t forget the ears, hat and a snowflake on his little nose, but that’s optional of course. At the end, wrap the pipe cleaner around another one. Put this ornament in a prominent branch because it will be the main character of your Christmas tree.

Socks or other Christmas ornaments

And of course, there are tons of opportunities, Christmas decorations are full of possibilities. I decided to make a striped sock, but you can also think about creating snowmen, angels, bows, stars, elves and more.

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