Flower Suncatcher

Suncatcher Craft Decorated with Beautiful Flowers

Everyone who has kids know that going for a walk with a child is never just an ordinary excursion. For children, it’s a whole new world, teeming with endless opportunities for exploration. It’s like walking into a foreign country’s supermarket. Everything feels new and different. Fresh and unfamiliar.

Even after many visits, after you get to know the place, you still spot new things that you didn’t catch before. New foods and packaging that are so different from what you have at home. You even notice when they rearrange the store.

That’s precisely how children look at the whole world. It’s foreign. New. Filled with untapped potential and limitless possibilities. Why do we let the veil of adulthood limit us from seeing life with so much novelty, just like our children do?

They just want to stop at every interesting object that comes along the way, and want to know everything about it. And that’s the norm. It’s how they learn. When they do want to stop, simply stop and explain the wonders of the world to them.

That brings me to my next crafting idea. This is perfect for kids, particularly to help satisfy their curiosity. It’s also an ideal activity that goes perfectly well with taking a stroll through the park on a flower hunt, or just around the neighborhood.

It’s perfect for spring and summertime when flowers are blooming, making our streets a happier and more colorful place.

All you have to do, is to make the base. Fold a paper in the middle that’s easy to cut (if it’s little thicker, it will hold better), then draw a half heart or any shape that your kid desires. And copy the shape again, then cut the outline out. Like this, you will get a fully symmetrical shape.

Next step is to stick the tapes to the paper in strips, if you don’t have a clear contact paper. And let the adventure begin!

Tell your kids to search for little flowers and leaves, and let them make their “flowerheart”. Did you ever go on a walk, have the children pick something up like a flower, then accidentally drop it or have it only to disappear somewhere? With this creative idea, you won’t lose those cherished treasures.

When it’s ready, just hang it on the window, and admire their masterpiece. Look at how the sun shines through it. It will make for a nice decoration, one that your kid will be proud of.

And the best part? If you have a pool, it can just float nicely on the water’s surface, just like a waterlily.

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