Laser Maze

Outdoor Laser Maze

When you were a child, everything felt different. Everything felt bigger. You lived in your own fantasy land. Since I have kids, I’m wondering, how things feel for them now, compared to how it was when I was a child.

I’m not in that world anymore. But sometimes I wish I could be in that world again. All I have now, to go back to, are my childhood memories. That’s one reason why it’s important to create experiences that give your kids lots joyful memories.

I have so many play-related memories, especially ones that include playing hide-and-seek in the garden with my brothers and neighborhood kids. At that time, the property felt huge. It had endless hiding spots. But these days, I can’t even fit under the balcony.

When I try a good activity idea with my kids, especially ones that I never did as a child, I get a little upset. Why? Because I’ll never truly know what it felt like. One such example is creating an outdoor laser maze, something that can easily be replicated in a hallway as well.

All you need for this “job” is tape (or strings). I did it with multi-colored painter’s tape. This way, it comes off easy when the time comes to take it off. If you’re doing it in the house, just tape it to the walls of your hallway or small room. If you’re doing it outside, find bushes and trees you can use.

Make a laser maze for them. In my case, it’s a rainbow laser maze, very much like a colorful obstacle course.

Just be careful not to lock yourself in! 🙂

Make it horizontal, diagonal, straight, and challenging to get through. This really forces children to strategize and think about the best way to solve this so-called puzzle.

This actually requires a lot of coordination and thinking. How can I go through this maze? What am I capable of? Can I step over this line, or should I just go under it?

Maybe they’ll get stuck somewhere. But at the end, they’ll find a way out. The level of difficulty of the laser maze it’s really up to you. For younger children, make it with bigger gaps. But if they’re little spies or extremely skilled, make it more challenging by placing the tape closer together.

Have fun! I’m sure they will! I wish my parents would have known about this great idea.

(If you wanna see, how it came out for us, visit my facebook page for the videos.)

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