Drawing shadows

Shadow Drawing

Where there are shadows, there is light. Shadows are illusory and suspect. Children are often afraid of them. But you can also use shadows in a powerful way to teach and educate your children about different perspectives.

In this outdoor crafting idea, kids get to play with shadows, to trace them on sunny days on brilliant sheets of white paper. Just like the shadows cast from a sun dial, children can draw the shadows of objects in such a way that they learn about the intersection of matter and light.

This simple idea involves tracing the shapes of interesting objects onto paper. They’ll can trace shadows of toys, dolls, large figurines, and anything else you might have laying around the house. This works best when the sun is slung low in the sky.

Pick things that cast nice shadows for your children to draw. Instruct them to sit in such a way that their own shadow does not interfere with the shadow of the object they’re drawing. Toys or items with stark curves beautiful lines are perfect for this.

It’s the ideal way to spend a summer day outdoors tracing and coloring away with your children.

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