Letter Hunt Game

Letter Hunt Game

One of the beauties of childhood is that there are so many new beginnings. Children are fresh frameworks, that we can mold and sculpt to become good, kind, caring and intelligent human beings. One place to start doing that is to introduce entertaining games that help to educate our kids.

One such game that is well known is called the Letter Hunt Game. It works like this. Take a sheet of paper and draw all the letters in the alphabet on them in a grid format. Afterwards, take larger sheets of paper and draw large letters that you can then paste and post around the house.

As you have them search for the letter, you could illuminate it by placing a ring around the letter itself. This way, they know their target. Then, you simply move the ring from A through Z all the way through the entire alphabet until you’re done.

You can use also Post-It Notes for the actual letters if you don’t have larger, multi-colored construction paper. All you do is post the letters around and then have the children hunt for each letter, one at a time. You could make it more challenging and ask them to associate a word with each letter as well.

However, either way you slice it, whether it’s just the simple fun of hunting the letters themselves, or making it more complex, this is an excellent idea for educating your kids. The alphabet is a foundational part of humans and starting as early as possible by incorporating fun into learning is certainly the key.

For the second round, because there will be a second round, you can certainly hide the letters better and make them more difficult to find. Place them in spots that are harder to discover and spread them out wider throughout the house. If this gets too easy for them, consider adding lowercase letters along with the capital letters.

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